dMTA Guide

Guide Last Updated: February 13th, 2023


  1. QuickStart Guide
  2. Setup GUI (Graphical User Interface):
    • General Tab
    • Misc Tab
    • Muling Tab

QuickStart Guide

You can 1 click start this script, but before that you need to do a few steps:

1. Load the script on DreamBot and fill in the configuration (Guide for that is below)

2. Save the configuration by using "Tip 1" below.

3. Create a quickstart file. There's only 1 param.

Param: Saved Config File Location

Setup GUI

Tip 1: You can save your configuration so you can load it later and 1 click run the script through the gui or through quickstart.

General Tab

Creature Graveyard

Has Bones2Peaches? If your account has Bones2Peaches already check this.

Use Mud BattleStaff? Do you want to use Mud Battlestaff? (30 Attack Required)

HP % to eat at Once the bot's hp reaches this percentage, it'll eat fruit. (lower hp = high percentage)

What are the runes required? Nature Runes, ((Water Runes ,Earth Runes) OR Mud Battlestaff)

Alchemist's Playground

Mode Do you want it to use High alchemy? Low Alchemy? or Auto (based on Magic Level). Low is recommended for higher GP/hr, High for exp.

What are the runes required? Nature Runes, Staff of fire

Enchantment Chamber

Spell Choose the Level Enchant Spell that you want. Note that some of them will have Mud or Lava in the name, that means that it'll use a Mud battlestaff or Lava battlestaff for that spell.

Level 1: Staff of Water, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 2: Staff of Air, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 3: Staff of Fire, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 4: Staff of Earth, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 4_MUD: Mud BattleStaff, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 5: Staff of Earth, 15 Water Runes, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 5_MUD: Mud BattleStaff, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 6: Staff of Fire, 20 Earth Runes, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 6_LAVA: Lava battlestaff, 1 Cosmic Rune

Level 7: 1 Cosmic Rune, 1 Blood Rune, 1 Soul Rune

Telekinetic Chamber

What are the runes required? Law runes, Staff of air


Select the rewards that you want and choose the amount you want the bot to aim for and click "+ Reward", if you made a mistake, select the mistake then click "- Reward", once the list is finished itll reset and do it again.

Misc Tab

Default Run Threshold

Bot will click Run if it reaches this threshold and it's walking.

Potion to use

Self-explanatory. if you choose Disabled then ignore the settings below it.

# of Potions @ X

X here means the room. pretty much if type for example: 5, then it'll take 5 potions to that room.

Equipment / Inventory

As you may notice, under each room above, I have specified the gear required.

To re-iterate/repeat:

Alchemist's Playground: Staff of Fire, Nature runes

Creature Graveyard: If you enable "Use Mud Battlestaff" then all you need is the Mud battlestaff and Nature runes! otherwise, you'd need Water runes, Earth runes, and Nature runes (or replace either water runes or earth runes with their respective staff)

Telekinetic Theatre: Staff of air and Law runes.

Enchantment Chamber: depends on what you selected in the "Spell" selection box / combo box. refer to the "Enchantment Chamber" section above and oyu'll see what you need for your selection.