Moe Adam T. M. (Defiled)

Programmer, Network & Security Engineer

Hi! I'm Moe, but people call me by my second first name "Adam". Yeah my name can be confusing to some. I'm 23 years of age.

I'm a Network & Security Engineer by University Degree & a Programmer by passion.

I've been in the Runescape underground/or whatever you may call it since before 2011. I started out by developing private servers on RuneLocus and Rune-Server (some of my notable creations back in the day is DestructionPK (one of the first fully-pvp server releases) and DestructionX (eco-server source which was one of the first RSPSs with newer models (combined cache) that came out at that time (ex: Drygores and off-hands)). Then I entered the botting section of the market, and botted a lot of accounts which I sold over Skype to my friends) using scripts that I and a friend made on RSbuddy and another client which on god I can't remember the name of. After that, I took a long break and came back to build many private scripts and helper tools for people and communities in both RS3 and OSRS. (Ex: Manual Abilities trainer for RS3 and multiple updaters for OSRS client development).

Date of writing this: August 24, 2021

100+ Scripts


300+ Services



DreamBot Public Scripts
DreamBot Private Scripting
Reflection Client Development
Injection Client Development
Front-End Web Development
Back-End Web Development
Discord Bot Development
OSRS Updater Development
Web Automation Development
Server Administration



Thank you for coding my project, man is an absolute legend and the nicest person as well! <3


Bought a private script from him, he added some custom features free of charge and delivered it early! will definitely be buying scripts from him again!

im trob

Bought a private script, Defiled was diligent with work, extremely kind, and the script works FLAWLESSLY!!!! Thank you so much man :)


Great script writer and with an even better price!! Would definitely purchase from him again!

Frost Bets

Great Scripted, finished my bot quicker then expected and awesome service thank you!


Bought a private script from Defiled. Super smart guy, Willing to put in the extra work for your needs 10/10 recommend. Thanks Defiled !

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Public Scripts


  • DreamBot

  • Old School RuneScape

  • Previously Named: DefiledDicer

  • Short Description: The Most Advanced Gambling Script on DreamBot and other clients. Includes: Legacy Dicing & Command Games (14 Games+)


  • DreamBot

  • Old School RuneScape

  • Previously Named: DefiledMTA

  • Short Description: The Best Magic Training Arena Script in the OSRS Botting Scene. Full of AntiPattern and Human-like Interaction.